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How to Survive Mercury Retrograde with Yoga & Ayurveda

Mercury went retrograde on Tuesday, August 30th. Many people are feeling the effects of this planetary shift. I know I am! Thankfully, we can lessen or even rise above the effects of this “dreaded” period which can bring travel delays, miscommunication and clouded mental capacities.


1. Prayer: Say a prayer for protection. We are connected to a Higher Power which ultimately governs the entire cosmos and cares for our well-being. Earnest prayer unites us with Creator, and this Divine relationship is more powerful than the any planet going retrograde.

2. Mantra/Singing: Chant or sing a high vibration mantra or song that feels good for you. Chanting and singing strengthens our aura, helping to ward off ill effects and negativity.

3. Affirmations: Remind yourself that you are an extension of Universal Source. You always have access to that Infinite Power. “I am connected to the Universe. I am protected by Source. I am supported and nurtured by the Source. I am guided in all the right directions.”

4. Patience: During retrograde periods we have to slow down. Take an extra moment to pray, do a mantra or repeat an affirmation. Before acting in haste, pause, pray, and listen for the right direction.

5. Pranayama: Conscious deep breathing immediately centers us and brings us back to the present moment. We take the best course of action when we are balanced, centered and present.

6. Balance Vata: Vata imbalance is common during Mercury Retrograde. Mercury is an airy and spacey planet and it governs communication, travel and our mental faculties. Here are ways you can balance vata: Get an oil massage. Sit in a steam room. Take a long Epsom salt bath with calming essential oils like lavender. Hug someone you love a little longer for receive an extra dose of Ocytocin.