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Healing with Horses

Healing comes in infinite forms. For many people, animals are the best healers because they are intuitive, nonjudgemental and embodiments of love. They provide nourishment, companionship and deep connection.

Since I was a young girl, I've been fascinated by horses. During those childhood years of angst, I often dreamed of jumping onto a horse and riding far off into some mystical land. Horses symbolize freedom, strength, power, and intuition; they gift us an opportunity to experience these qualities when we ride them. Riding horses bring you into the NOW, releasing you from the stresses of yesterday. Because horses can sense your emotions, you have to learn to cultivate a meditative presence when you're around them.

In both Ayurveda and Yoga, awareness of the present moment is essential for true healing.

A few weeks ago, Yogi Arvind, the founder of Moksha Festival invited me to meet Dawn Jenkins--a Horsewoman, pilot, surfer, writer and total badass. Arvind and I had the opportunity to experience a "Soul Horse Ride" session with Dawn, who taught us how to consciously connect and unite with horses. It was an incredible experience and I invite you to watch this video to learn more about how horses can support your healing journey.

Dawn will be at MOKSHA Festival leading small interactive experiences to help you find greater healing with horses. Please join us at Moksha Festival which will be held on June 28-30, 2019 in Frazier Park, Ca.

Get your tickets at

Use the code: DrSeeta for 25% off your tickets.

See you there!

To Horses Healing Humanity,


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