Seeta Narsai holds a clinical doctorate in Ayurvedic Medicine.  In her training, she studied classical Indian massage therapy, marma point (acupressure),  energy medicine, herbalism, western & ayurvedic nutrition, panchakarma (advanced detoxification procedures), and Rasayana (anti-aging protocols). 

Seeta comes from a long line of Indian women who have carried and passed down this traditional East Indian medicinal system from generation to generation. Seeta's passionate mission is to help women and creative professionals transform their lives through Ayurveda and holistic living.


“I feel most alive when creating and offering Ayurveda and wellness to others,” says Seeta, “I’m blessed to be spreading this ancient wisdom to modern women and creative professionals.”



  • Doctorate in Ayurvedic Medicine (American University of Complementary Medicine)

  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

  • Certified Massage Therapist

  • Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor

  • DONA-trained Doula 


She has dedicated over a decade to her work in the fields of health and fitness. As a collegiate athlete and co-captain of women's water polo at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Seeta's pursuit for peak performance in sports triggered an exploration into nutrition, sports medicine and meditation.



“I wanted to be better, stronger, faster, smarter -- and wanted the same for my teammates,” Seeta says.

Seeta went on to train with the USA East Coast All-Star Team and lead Michigan to four consecutive conference titles. She was also honored as a two-time NCAA All-American Athlete.


She still has a passion for athletics and now unites both Ayurveda & Sports Performance.


Subsequently, as a fitness trainer in Hollywood, Seeta guided hundreds of her clients to achieve their fitness goals – at least the toned glutes and ripped abs everyone thought they wanted. But Seeta could see, both in her clients and herself, that these external markers didn’t seem to correlate with true wellbeing. In fact, despite her toned body, she didn’t feel healthy or expansive – in spirit, mind or body. 


When yoga entered Seeta’s life, it altered its’ trajectory forever, transforming her heart and spirit. It was through her yoga and meditation practice that Seeta found her greatest loves: Ayurvedic medicine & educating others. She realized that healing and balancing the WHOLE person is the key to optimal health, fitness, and wellbeing.


Seeta completed her Clinical Doctorate in Ayurvedic Medicine at American University of Complementary Medicine, with a focus on women’s health and herbal healing. 


Seeta is the founder the Heal Natural Masterclass Series: Immune Boosting Secrets to Supercharge Your Mind and Life. Register for the FREE Heal Natural Plan intro class here.


Today Seeta lives and provides healing services in Los Angeles and Santa Monica.  Online and in-person sessions are now available.


To learn more about services or to schedule a session, please click here.



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