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Start your journey to Ayurveda and natural healing today

If you're looking for greater support on your wellness journey, schedule a one-on-one Ayurveda & Natural Healing consultation with Dr. Seeta

A healthier you begins here

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Natural Immunity & Wellness Support

Our proprietary adaptogenic herbal formulations nourish your mind-body and optimize your wellbeing.

Dr. Seeta Herbals are founded by an Ayurvedic Doctor and formulated with the purest organic herbs.


Experience the healing power of nature.  Discover powerful plant medicines, tonics, & wellness kits. 

Herbal Medicine

Offering, Programs & Memberships

Study Ayurveda & Natural Healing. Learn how to heal yourself with foods, herbs and lifestyle.

Contact Dr. Seeta | 323.642.8056

Los Angeles & Santa Monica

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