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The healthy secrets of ginger

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

As an herbalist and a creative, ginger is one of my best friends. It’s a universal medicine benefiting everyone and treating thousands of diseases. The ancient texts say that everyone should eat freshly sliced ginger before large meals, because ginger strengthens digestive fire, ensuring you properly digest and assimilate the food you consume.

We can’t fully access our creative potential if we’re feeling blocked physically, mentally, or energetically. After all, ancient sages have said that men and women are nothing but energetic and physical channels. Thankfully, Mother Nature blessed us with a spice that clears the many circulatory channels in our body and throughout the brain, helping to ensure proper flow of prana (creative life force). More blood to the brain equals more fuel for the creative mind. Ginger is the perfect spice to enliven the senses and awaken the mind.

For writers who spend hours in front on the computer for hours, you may overindulge in a fatty meal leaving you sluggish and bloated. Ginger tea can become your best friend, sip on ginger tea to increase your metabolism and aid in digestion. How can you be creative when in pain and bloated?

If you are suffering from motion sickness, pre-audition jitters, or feel uneasy in the tummy before a big meeting, reach for some ginger tea on the go. Ginger is a known anti-nauseant, helping to destroy and sweat out toxins and calms nervous emotion.

Modern science attests to ginger’s powerful analgesic (pain reducing) properties. While helping your digestive system, it assists with therapeutically easing joint and back pain and the stress they cause on your body and mind. Calm your nerves, and say good-bye to abdominal pain and menstrual cramps with hot ginger tea and a dash of raw organic honey.

Balancing for both Vata and Kapha body-types, ginger unblocks GI conditions like hemorrhoids and helps burn excess fat. A few words of caution, food is medicine, so sip wisely. If you are suffering from hyperacidity or inflammatory skin conditions, you might want to ease your ginger intake.

Ayurvedic Benefits of Ginger
Ginger, an herbalist's best friend

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