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Cannabis and Higher Consciousness

Marijuana has been honored and time-tested in Ayurvedic Medicine. The ancient sages of India appropriately named cannabis Triloka-Vijaya, meaning: “victorious in all three worlds,” recognizing it’s profound ability to heal the mind, body, and spirit.

According to ancient Vedic texts, Marijuana is a gift from the Gods and is intimately connected to Lord Shiva, the Mythological God of Dissolution. This herb is said to reacquaint us with life, reminding us of the ephemeral nature of our physical existence and immortality of spirit.

When this sacred plant is consumed with intention and reverence, it can act as a spiritual tool, providing us with many insights. When taken with respect this medicine heals, heightens creative processes and aids intuition. When abused or overused, it inhibits growth, impairs memory and obstructs learning.

There is a saying in Ayurveda: Everything is medicine. Everything is poison. Those who have consumed cannabis can understand the duality of it’s nature.

When it comes to the beneficial or harmful effects of cannabis, there is no absolute. Marijuana possesses a dualistic nature, as does everything in existence. All the answers rest upon the individual to recognize what this plant brings to their specific experience. As a collective it is important that we allow the exploration.

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