The liver is one of your most important organs.  The Liver is a vital organ that literally gives you life! The liver has thousands of metabolic functions. It detoxifies your body by removing toxins and waste products from your blood.  The liver is a special organ that helps your body purge all the nasty stuff you consume (knowingly or unknowingly).


Living in the modern world, we ALL NEED TO CLEANSE THE LIVER. Why? Because there are many toxic chemicals in our food, drinking water and the air we breathe. Most conventional foods we eat are sprayed with pesticides, fungacides and other harmful chemicals.  Many of us are also exposed to environmental pollution.  The liver stores many of these toxins within its tissues to protect the body and brain. But when the liver becomes overloaded, that’s when we see begin to see problems.


In Ayurveda, one of the root causes underlying many health and skin imbalances is the liver (and the entire digestive tract).  Gut health is a keystone in Ayurveda. When the body’s ability to cleanse itself it impaired, it will choose other outlets to try to detoxify itself (like the skin). This can lead to cystic acne, psoriasis, and even lower the body’s immunity so you are more prone to viral breakouts (like cold sores). Reproductive imbalances, anxiety, and brain fog can also be due to an overloaded liver and/or a parasitic infection.


If you’re suffering from any of the following symptoms, you could be suffering from impaired liver function:

  • Fatigue

  • Sleep issues

  • Brain fog

  • Skin Conditions (Ezcema, Psoriases, Acne)

  • Dark Eye Circles

  • Low energy

  • Anemia

  • Sexual Dysfunction

  • Reproductive imbalances

  • Bloating and Gas

  • Difficulty Losing Weight

  • Acid reflux and Heartburn

  • Constipation

  • Irritability and Moodiness

  • Anxiety or Depression

  • Anger


If you drink alcohol on a weekly basis, you would benefit from a liver cleanse. If you eat non-organic meat, you probably would benefit from a cleanse, because many farmed animals are injected with artificial growth hormones and other chemicals. If you live on planet earth right now, you could find deeper healing with a liver cleanse. Unfortunately, we are exposed to many harmful chemicals on a daily basis, from toxic household cleaning agents to heavy metals and air pollution to harmful chemicals in our municipal drinking water.  


We have sourced some of the most powerful ayurvedic herbs for supporting liver function and liver health.


Organic Ingredients: Kutki, Kutaja, Kalmegh, Vidanga, Clove, Musta, Chitraka, Pippali, Neem, Bhumiamalaki, Guduchi, Triphala, Bilva, Cumin, Turmeric, Manjistha





Take 1 tsp and steep in hot water for 3-5 min. Allow to cool and drink. This formulation is VERY BITTER. If you have trouble with the bitter flavor, the easiest way to take herbs is like a quick tequila shot (use less water and chase it with lemon and a glass of warm water).


Best to drink in AM on empty stomach. However, anytime is also okay.

Diet During Cleanse:

Try to eat a clean and balanced diet according to your Dosha or unique mind-body type constitution.   Choose fresh organic seasonal fruits/veggies/healthy fats/proteins that balance your dosha.  If you do not know your Dosha, simply try to eat at clean as possible.  You can also do a 3-7 day ayurvedic kitchedri cleanse with the liver cleanse. 


Avoid: highly processed foods, sugar, fast food, alcohol, junk food, overly fatty foods, red meat, and stale leftovers.  


Take time to journal and process your emotions. According to ayurvedic mediine, cleansing the liver and dislodge emotions such as frustrations, resentment, and anger.

Meditation and mindfulness are tools that support the process of natural detoxification, processing emotions, and relieve stress.

Get plenty of sleep. Sleep supports the body in deeper mind-body healing 

Create special moments for fun, laughter, joy, creativity and introspection. 

Pray for healing or repeat affirmations for healing. Scientific studies show that prayer and affirmations have a positive impact of mental-emotional wellbeing. 

Create a mini-retreat for yourself. Practice self-love. Relax and rejuvenate. Give yourself an oil massage or abhyanga.  Take an Epsom salt bath to help flush out toxins, soothe achy muscles/joints, and calm Vata dosha. Go ahead, light some candles, diffuse essential oils*, and play healing music. You're worth it.

*Choose essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, frankincense, or any scent you love. Scent can affect your emotional wellbeing, and it's an easy way to brighten up the atmosphere in your home and enliven the body temple.

For deeper guidance, schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Seeta.