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Our Liver Cleanse and Parasite Flush is a bitter tonic formulated to support your body's detoxification, digestion, and maintain overall liver and gut health. It contains Ayurvedic antiviral and antibacterial herbs such as Neem and Guduchi that boost natural immune function, reduce inflammation, and help your body fight and eliminate pathogens, parasites, and toxins.


The liver is a vital organ that plays a crucial role in maintaining good health. It detoxifies the body by removing toxins and purging out harmful substances that we consume knowingly or unknowingly. It also filters the blood, metabolizes fat, and is essential for building innate immunity.


A sluggish liver can cause many inflammatory health conditions, including autoimmune disorders and skin rashes. Therefore, it is crucial to cleanse the liver, especially in today's world where we are exposed to extra toxins through our food, drinking water, and the air we breathe. Conventional foods contain pesticides, chemicals, and toxic additives that increase the liver's burden and lower immune function.


In Ayurveda, the root cause underlying many health and skin imbalances is the liver and gut. When the body's ability to cleanse itself is impaired, it will choose the skin and other outlets to try to detoxify itself, leading to cystic acne, psoriasis, and even lowering the body's immunity, making us more prone to viral breakouts like cold sores. Reproductive imbalances, anxiety, brain fog, thyroid imbalances, blood disorders, and gut conditions are also connected to the liver.


If you're experiencing any of the following symptoms, it could be due to impaired liver function:

  • Skin Conditions (Ezcema, Psoriases, Acne)
  • Dark Eye Circles
  • Viral infections
  • Bacterial infections
  • Fungal infections
  • Low energy and Fatigue
  • Anemia
  • Bloating and Gas
  • Difficulty Losing Weight
  • Acid reflux and Heartburn
  • High cholesterol
  • Hypertension
  • Inflammation
  • Low Immunity
  • Constipation
  • Irritability and Moodiness
  • Anxiety or Depression
  • Anger

This blend contains some of the most potent organic ingredients sourced from around the world.


Organic Ingredients: Kutki, Kutaja, Kalmegh, Vidanga, Clove, Musta, Chitraka, Pippali, Neem, Bhumiamalaki, Guduchi, Triphala, Bilve, Cumin,Turmeric, Manjistha

Liver Cleanse & Parasite Flush (21-Day)

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