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Vata Dosha 

Vata constitutions are prone to Vata imbalance which can manifest as worry, stress, anxiety, invariable digestion, sleep disturbances, constipation, fluctuating emotions, and dry skin.

Vata when in harmony manifests as highly creative, sociable, light-hearted, flexible, go-with-the-flow attitude, open-minded, active, and lively. Vata's are great conversationalists and enjoy novel experience. 

Vata is a combination of air + ether elements. The primary function of vata is movement.  

Factors that aggravate vata: travel, eating on the go, watching violent or disturbing shows, too many raw veggies (fruits are okay),  processed foods, emotional eating.

To balance vata follow these general guidelines:

  • Eat regular meals

  • Favor sweet fruits, 

  • Choose warm, unctuous, hydrating, nourishing soupy foods like stews and kitchedri

  • Use healthy fats like ghee 

  • Avoid raw, cold foods

  • Practice daily abhyanga (self-massage) with sesame oil and essential oils like Frankincense.

  • Engage in regular ritual and rhythm

  • Practice meditation and breathing

  • Find community

  • Slow down thinking

  • Choose exercises that are grounding and muscle building like walking, yin yoga, swimming, hiking,  and lifting weights. Avoid overly strenuous activities like running marathons or HIIT training.

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