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Reclaiming the Spiritual Wisdom of Sacred Plant Medicine

This work examines cannabis from a holistic lens, analyzing its medicinal and spiritual roots in modern and eastern sciences. Cannabis has been honored and time-tested in Indian Medicine.

The ancient sages of India named cannabis TrilokaVijaya meaning “victorious in all three worlds,” recognizing its profound ability to heal the mind, body, and spirit. 

According to ancient Vedic texts, Marijuana is a gift from the Gods and is intimately connected to Lord Shiva, the Mythological God of Dissolution. This herb is said to reacquaint us with Creator, reminding us of the ephemeral nature of physical existence and immortality of spirit.

This book explores sacred sexuality independently, and as it relates to cannabis.  For thousands of years, the aphrodisiac properties of cannabis have been praised and utilized by many people and traditions. As one of the three pillars of life and longevity, sex is fundamental to our existence and vital to health and well-being. Making love enhances immune function, encourages restful sleep and promotes reproductive health.


Both cannabis and sacred sexuality can encourage deeper meditative states, holding the potential for transformation, heightening awareness, and awakening primal wisdom. 

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