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Wellness is a Gift.  


Ayurveda teaches you how to heal yourself. If you're in pain, have trouble sleeping or just feel like something is off, that's your body speaking to you and letting you know something is out of balance.  If you can't seem to pinpoint what is wrong, Ayurveda gives you a language and framework to understand your signs & symptoms.  Your body is wise. It can show you how to heal if you learn to listen.


I truly believe we are our best healers. We just have forgotten how to use this innate God-given gift to heal ourselves.  The body is continiously healing itself every day, every second of the day. You can support this self-healing process by understanding your Doshas and practicing Ayurveda.


Ayurveda teaches you how to see the entire world as medicine. From medicinal plants to music, and breathing exercises to creativity, the world is medicine for our mind, body, and spirit.


Foods have medicinal/spiritual properties and learning to eat the right foods for your unique mind-body type (Dosha) can transform your health and life, forever. 


Below are several lessons from The Complete Course in Ayurveda.   Learning Ayurveda is a gift not only for yourself but for all those you touch by sharing this powerful healing medicine. 


Wishing you greater mind-body-spirit alignment and optimal wellbeing.  

Much love,

Dr. Seeta

Introduction to Ayurveda. What is Ayurveda? How was it discovered? How can it help you heal.

Mind-Body Type QUIZ

What is your Dosha or mind-body type?

Cleansing is a regular practice in Ayurveda. Kichedri is a simple yet powerful superfood which can support you through every season. Try this cleanse if you are Liver Cleansing.

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