The Ultimate Performance Kit contains several formulations to enhance overall well-being and elevate performance. It's everything you need, from boosting brain power to detoxifying the skin and supporting immune function to rejuvenating your mind-body-spirit.


  • One Sports Performance Formula to enhance energy, vitality, recovery, and rejuvenation.
  • One Plant-based Vegan Collagen to provide mineral dense peptides to support joints, skin elasticity, and tissue hydration. 
  • One 14-Day Liver and Parasite Cleanse to detoxify the body, purge toxins and remove impurities.
  • One Brain Tonic to boost your brain function, memory, mood, and focus
  • One Adaptogenic Everything Tonic to support digestion, elimination, energy, sleep, and immunity.
  • One Beauty Tonic to enhance skin complexion, hair growth, mental calm, and mild detoxification. Also reduces inflammation and cleanse the skin, urinary tract system, and reproductive health.
  • One Ginger-Turmeric Tea for colds, sinuses and boosting immunity.


Get a FREE Jade Roller and Gua Sha tool with this kit.