For those seeking a family health and wellbeing package, this is the perfect gift of healing. Here is what is included: 


  • Three 55-min consultation sessions with Dr. Seeta: After discussing your health history and current health/wellness goals, Dr. Seeta formulates a program tailored to meet your unique mind-body-spirit needs. (These can be split amongst family members)


  • Customized Herbal Blends and Protocols (60-Day supply) Recieve personalized protocols and custom organic blends for your unique needs.


  • Immunity & Wellness Vitamins/Supplements (60-Day supply) 


  • Text message support*: Keep wellness at your fingertips with text messages and emails to answer any health and wellness questions.  *** 120 text limit must be used within 90 days. Typically responds to texts within 24 hours.


  • Immune Boost and Custom Wellness Protocol: Custom Immunity Protocol based on individual needs.


  • Monthly Accountability: Together we will move towards your health and wellness goals with daily tracking and monthly accountability check-ins. 


  • Discover Your Dosha: Learn your mind-body-type and the characteristics and needs of your unique constitution. Through that understanding, you will begin to recognize and heal imbalances using simple exercises, lifestyle enhancements as well as learning to consume food as medicine


  • Natural Immunity Course: This is an online ayurvedic & holistic healing guide to boost immune health. You will learn about seasonal detoxes, healing spices, gut health, and much more.



Family Wellness Package