Increase memory, focus, concentration and heighten awareness with this ayurvedically inspired blend of herbal nootropic herbs. Gotu Kola, Ginko and Shankapuspi improve congitive function and support nueroplasticity. Digestive herbs like nutmeg and cinnamom calm nervous tension and increase circulation.


A synergistic blend of herbs to boost cognitive function, improve memory and sharpen focus. Nervines like Gotu Kola and Tulsi clear the channels of the head to heighten awareness, increase concentration and deepen meditation. Aromatics like fennel and nutmeg simultaneously soothe digestive discomfort, calm nervous tension, and encourage blood flow to the brain.   This rejuvenating mind-body formula also strengthens adrenal function, combating stress, insomnia and anxiety.


DIRECTIONS: For best results, steep 1 tsp Brain Boost Tonic & Tea in hot water and/or milk of your choice for 3-5 minutes. Add honey for increased absorption and drink daily. Brain Boost can also be added to a beverage of your choice.



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Brain Boost Tonic