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Sex & Yoga

A woman’s womb is a powerful energetic center and Kshetra (the seat of conception); it is a field of deep ancestral wisdom and feminine mystical experience. The yoni serves dual functions: it is the channel for sexual intercourse and the channel that delivers life and births a soul on to earth.

As one of the three pillars of life and longevity, sex is fundamental to our existence and vital to health and well-being. Making love enhances immune function, encourages restful sleep and promotes reproductive health. Sex can be a sacred form of meditation, holding the potential for transformation, heightening awareness, and awakening primal knowledge.

From balancing libido to planning for conscious conception, sacred sexuality can empower you with practical tools to enhance your sexual and reproductive health. In future post we will explore how food, herbs and ayurvedic lifestyle promote overall well-being for you (and your seed).

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