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Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Who doesn’t savor the smell and taste of freshly roasted garlic? Without garlic, home-made Italian minestrone and Indian curry just wouldn’t be the same. Besides waves of pleasure tantalizing your taste buds, garlic is a superb remedy for a variety of medical conditions that has been used as medicine since ancient times. It’s known traditionally around the world as the “Herbal Antibiotic.” The healing properties of garlic have been mentioned in Sanskrit texts dating 5,000 years ago and the Holy Bible also mentions this tasteful bud common in Egyptian medicine.

Eating garlic is a natural and tasty way to help boost your immune system. If you aren’t a stranger to late night creative sessions or working to meet a deadline, chances are high that your immune system may not be functioning optimally. Remember that our immune system is often weakened during stressful situations. Lack of sleep and worrying when your next gig is going payout can be stressful on the body and mind, which is oh-so common to modern creatives. Whether you are up into the late night because of writing sessions, jamming on guitar strings, or calculating numbers for your latest creative/entrepreneurial endeavor, garlic can play an important role in keeping a healthy creative mind. For optimum results, develop a balanced eating and sleep ritual.

So, the next time you sit down to eat, include the immunity enhancing properties of garlic in food you eat or juice. These days, prevention is everything and who can afford to be sick with a backward healthcare system focused on disease rather than prevention?

Garlic stimulates the second yogic chakra which governs sexuality and creativity. Keep in mind to use garlic cautiously, because it is extremely heating, and is a strong aphrodisiac. Due to the libido increasing qualities, perhaps refrain from excess garlic when you have to meet important deadlines if your sexual drive is normal or high. An over stimulated sex drive can be mentally distracting, sending creative energy flowing opposite the direction of your brain. If your libido is low and stagnant reflecting Kapha qualities some garlic may be useful in stimulating your second chakra and creativity. Garlic balances Vata and Kapha Dosha, but, can aggravate Pitta.

Strength and endurance are pivotal in maintaining a robust immune system. For creative people whose work also demands physical exertion or requires endurance such as actors and dancers, incorporating garlic into your diet regimen would be wise. Before modern day athletic supplements, Olympic Athletes used to eat garlic as a strengthening tonic. Whether you are a creative competing to win that audition, or an athlete fighting for that extra yard, garlic may give you that extra edge.

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